Wednesday, October 5, 2011

OOW 2011 Day 3

Went to five presentations, two of them stood out. Doug Burn spoke about SQL plan management in 11g and I learned some new tricks. The material and the content was quite good, also I like these comments that may not be in the slides, e.g. he quoted Jonathan Lewis who said that if you have a narrow problem you should apply a narrow solution, an advice against changing a system wide parameter just because you have one SQL statement gone astray.

The other presentation I liked a lot was about mining the AWR data with SQL, by Yury Velikanov from Pythian. The presentation was packed with useful examples and based on experience he had with customers. When he started almost all seats were taken, and then some people left, maybe it was over their head, but for me, I like these kind of presentations. Yes, it is cool with fancy colorful slides where rule number one is max six words pr slide, but I don't mind seeing code in the slides once in a while. I think that if you strive to understand the AWR repository and analyze it the way Yury did you will have a better understanding on how things are connected, in a way you cannot have when looking on nice graphs in EM. Also you see the limitations in AWR, most data are aggregated which creates other limitations; see Cary's presentation about skew. He made a point in the beginning that there are different concepts to use when attacking optimization and troubleshooting, he gave pointers to tools and methods. All in all a presentation that I have to download and study for a while.

Another great day.


Doug Burns said...

Doug Burns spoke about SQL plan management in 11g

Thanks for coming along and it was good to catch up with you. It wasn't my best presentation and was the first time I'd given it, but hope to improve the content for UKOUG. I still enjoyed delivering it though :-)

and then some people left, maybe it was over their head

I was one of those who left but I always planned to leave half-way through because I am a *nightmare* when I'm about to present and I was in the next slot. Perhaps I shouldn't have sat up front, in retrospect, because that must have been quite off-putting but, as I said my head is all over the place before I present! But I really wanted to go and see Yuri and I have an interest in AWR. What I saw was pretty good.

Looking forward to catching up with you again soon.



Oyvind Isene said...

Thanks for stopping by :-) Think you did a great job. SPM is something I've missed earlier, but with your presentation and Maria Colgan's extra comments I learned a lot.

I didn't have you in mind when I was talking about people leaving, I knew you had a presentation soon :) There are valid reasons to leave a presentation (yours for instance), and in case Yuri noticed I wanted to point out all the guys who stayed and that he did an impressive job.

Looking forward to next opportunity to catch up.